Huts: Inside/Outside

May 2007
Pasadena, CA

mixed media

Uterus  (see detail)

Cumulus  (see detail)

Tumulus  (see detail)

The Hut, having an inside, an outside and a threshold between, becomes a metaphor for the individual. The Hut's position in its environment symbolizes the individual's space/place within a community, society's institutions and the "global village."

Huts: Inside/Outside entails the construction of three separate structures: Uterus, a free-standing, semi-mobile hut placed in the patio of the Fine Arts Gallery; Cumulus, an installation erected against the sliding glass doors leading from the patio into the back room of the gallery; and Tumulus, a low, sod-covered hut installed as a temporary public sculpture on the CSULA campus (to the south-west of the main entrance to the Fine Arts Building).

Each hut manifests different aspects of the individual's attempts to nomadically shift his position in society, negotiating his own needs and desires within the goals of the community. As evidenced by their respective titles, the huts together represent stages in life: the beginning, middle and end.









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