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Through an intuitive process of selection and manipulation, I juxtapose the natural with the industrial in a way that endeavors to exist in the gray area between rational, manmade systems and visceral, organic systems. My work emerges from a labor-intensive, quasi-primitive methodology that acknowledges my adult state in light of a nostalgic urge to connect with nature (at least as I remember it from my formative years in rural Africa).

In my recent work I explore the theme of shelters and houses as conceptual spaces that encapsulate nostalgia, a desire for something ephemeral and ethereal that is only accessible via memory. The Hut (with an inside, an outside and a threshold between) reflects the individual's struggle to identify a loss of childhood innocence in light of the demands of the present. The Hut's position and composition represent the individual's place in society, within the "global village."

Otis Bardwell
, June 2008

Curriculum Vitae
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